Waldorf Astoria Chicago: What Changed? The Service


Waldorf Chicago Hotel Review is part of the Round The Atlantic Trip Report.

Taking a vacation from blogging means going to a place that I’ve been before. This alleviates the stress of having to document every part of the trip (see Travel Anxiety Sucks: Can It Be Prevented?). I thought this would be the case as I revisited what was one of my favorite hotels, the Waldorf Astoria Chicago (see Waldorf Astoria Chicago: One of the Best). Not only did the hotel disappoint, but also I’m stuck writing another post explaining why.

What Hasn’t Changed

The beauty of the property has not changed from any vantage point.

What Has Changed

The service has changed. My first time, I felt like King Jaffe Joffer. This time I was treated like I was checking into a DoubleTree, not a Waldorf. There was no attentiveness, there was no over-the-top pleasantry, and there was no chocolate chip cookie to distract me from that.

Welcome Drink 

Last time the bar was not open. This time it was and I took advantage.

No Suite Upgrade

Given that it was Memorial Day weekend (see Memories of Memorial Day: Sox & Tigers at U.S. Cellular), I didn’t expect a suite upgrade. That was understandable. The room was still nice as was the view.

I need to get a Waldorf robe one day.

Make use of the fireplace, even in May.





Westin, Waldorf, and W. Leave it to the 3 W’s to provide the best soaps.


The pictures tell a different story than the experience. If I had to describe the staff in one word, it would be indifferent. I will stay here one more time to make an official determination if my first experience was representative of the hotel or if my second experience was more accurate. This means more work for this blogger.


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