Uber in Trinidad: Save Hundreds


I wanted to go to Maracas Beach in Trinidad‎. I had to make a choice.  Rent a car and drive on the left side of the road through winding roads and up and down cliffs. Or take a taxi. A taxi would cost $200 and renting a car would cost me my life. Following an incident in Seychelles, I am scarred for life. Resigned to a boring day, we stood in the lobby looking lost. An anonymous member of Hyatt’s staff approached us and asked if we had a certain rideshare app. He said that the hotel cannot recommend the app because it is technically illegal to rent a private car in Trinidad.

Moments later, I was taking Uber to the beach. It only cost $18.

I’m definitely taking it to the airport versus Hyatt’s $30 car service. The day before we took a taxi two blocks and it cost $12. I’m guessing Uber would’ve been much less.

I didn’t think to check for Uber because a local in Barbados who gave me tips on Trinidad said that Uber didn’t exist here. Going forward, I’m going to assume the song Uber everywhere applies.

Taxis are the worst!

Here’s the ride up in pictures:

2017-05-03 13.44.52 2017-05-03 13.50.12 2017-05-03 13.51.26 2017-05-03 13.54.59 2017-05-03 13.56.40


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