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Saturday, July 13, 2024
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LIAT from Barbados to Trinidad: Short, Sweet, Cheap

It’s only an hour from BGI to POS. We took LIAT which cost $106/pax.

The plane is an ATR 42-600 prop plane. ‎Nothing spectacular to discuss. It took off and landed safely. The bags were free to check. And now it’s time to talk Trinidad.

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  1. You are the first person I am hearing who says Liat is cheap, haha. 😉
    Usually all islanders complain about high fares, as the minimum is at least 100-150 USD one-way for a 45-minute hop (or sometimes even shorter) .
    But considering the high taxes in the Caribbean you are right, the actual flight price is usually quite low.

    I hope you enjoyed your trip around all the islands, they are so beautiful!

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