Preview: RTA Booked! Caribbean, Europe, Africa


First, I got questioned by an annoyed reader who was upset with the title of my post 80k United to Africa on Turkish. He said, “It would be nice if you would refer to the actual country you are flying to in your headline rather than simply “Africa” it’s insulting and treats the continent as a monolith. It’s massive continent with dozens of countries. Come on man, you wouldn’t do that if you were going to an Asian or South American or European country.”

Two points: 1) It has been proven that more than 6 words in a headline leads to less views, so a title with every country that i am visiting would be a bit wordy. 2) I do say Asia or South America in a title as I did in my Africa & SA Preview when I’m headed to those regions.

Next, I got critiqued for calling the Africa & SA a round the world trip despite not going to Asia. Technically, my title comes under #alternatefacts.

Finally, I was chastised for gloating since I displayed the map and the routing and have yet to write out my memoirs which will be titled Adventures in Imaginary Trip Planning.

In this preview, I am rectifying most of those mistakes: My trip to Italy, Sardinia, Sicily, France, Corsica and Spain are called Europe even though they are six different countries. The Caribbean is also incorrectly characterized as being a homogeneous region but there’s no room in the title to spell out Trinidad & Tobago and Barbados. RTA stands for round the Atlantic so as to not offend Ferdinand Magellan. And finally, I’m going to Morocco which is in Africa so I’m using the name of the continent in the title.

As for the gloating, what can I say, living doesn’t have to suck!

sprint map spring 2


  1. Ok delighted for you but still hoping you will spell out the process so that your readers can learn some useful tips. But maybe that is the next pretty darn long post ? Happy travels !

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