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Thursday, May 23, 2024
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Preview: RTW Ticket Booked SA & Africa!

My dear friends, I am too tired to write how I booked this absurd reservation to South America, onward to Africa, and back to the US via London for 105k United Airline points and 95k Delta SkyKyat + $200. I have spent days on hold and online piecing it all together. I would like to thank my friend in Poland for inspiring me to fly higher, my BA brethren for the support, and my phone for not dropping the call when the moment of truth arrived.

Here is the Great Circle Map which showcases this glorious trip. And to think, I originally had booked US-Mt. Kilimanjaro for 80k on United.

Update: I failed to mention the most important part, the overwhelming majority of the flights including the long haul segments are in business. 

map distance





  1. And we are too tired to read your post. Cmon TPOL, better wait and publish when it is complete. Otherwise, it is just gloating

  2. I might have missed it (I looked) but did you ever post the details of booking this type of award? I see you mentioned only using 105k United Airline points and 95k Delta SkyKyat + $200 but did you mention the details of booking it?

    If so, can you provide the URL link to your blog that explains it? That would be extremely useful I’m sure by everyone. Thanks.

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