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Friday, July 19, 2024
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AC Atocha Madrid: Shower Time

The AC Atocha Madrid Hotel Review is part of the Round The Atlantic Trip Report.

Getting There: Why fuss with the bus when you can take a flat rate taxi for 30 euros?

For my second night in Madrid, I stayed at another AC Atocha. This one did not offer a free mini bar, but it was in a more central location. Walking distance from the hotel is the Atocha Cercanías, the largest train station in Madrid that connects Madrid to the rest of Spain.

ac atocha madrid hotel review a building with a sign on it

The Room

The room is smaller than the aforementioned AC but it’s fancier.  a bed in a room a room with a couch and a shelf and a window a room with a bed and a television on the wall a room with a bed and a tv on the wall a patio with tables and umbrellas a city with trees and buildings

The Shower 

While it does not rank in the Top 7 of My Shower Experiences , the bathroom has a sophisticated shower with spouts coming out from every direction. After attending a bullfight, it was appropriate to cleanse myself from the bloodshed that I had witnessed.

a room with a mirror and a bed a shower head on a metal surface a glass wall with a metal object in it a room with a bed and a television a shower head with hoses a shower with a glass door

The Soap

Of course, the famous golf ball soap was there.

a group of white bottles with black text

The Rest

This was my last night abroad so I was keen on getting to sleep early. After weeks on the road, all I wanted was good sleep. The pitch black room, the king size bed, and the ice cold air conditioner were perfect.

a lamp on a table next to a bed

The Price 

I used my stay certificate which was a decent value since the room was $220.


The AC Atocha is a solid choice. I wish I had more energy to explore the surrounding area because it is in a great location, but a man can only do so much in one trip.



  1. A warning – it really is a nice hotel but in a slightly seedy neighbourhood.
    The biggest issue is that , despite being in the Marriott Chain , there is absolutely no recognition of elite status by them.
    I am Platinum and had no greeting at checkin , a non upgraded basic room and no complimentary breakfast.
    If you are heading to stay here , be warned, don’t expect the usual Marriott Rewards benefits!

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