Flying Blue Promo! For 18k, I’ll Ride Coach to Napoli


Everything Europe is on sale. Until a few days ago, even the euro could be bought at a discount. In need of a flight across the pond this May, I debated whether to use points or pay out-of-pocket. With round trip tickets to Spain for $300, it was hard to justify using points. Then I read another post (also on View from the Wing) detailing the Flying Blue Promo Awards for this month.

Amazingly, Detroit to Europe was available for 18,750 points and $100 in cash one way. That’s a fantastic promotion. It’s not often that I see a flight deal originating out of my former home state, let alone at the exact time that I am going to be there. This convenience made it more appealing than having to use points to fly to another city in order to take advantage of an airline sale. Another problem with the airline sale was the lack of an open-jaw. Although I’m starting in Italy, I have no idea where I will end up. Having to find a way to get back to where I started would be another cost that made the deal less appealing.

As for the problem of flying peasant class, it is not a real concern because DTW-CDG is only 7 hours and 45 minutes, hardly enough time to use all my kama sutra methods of airplane sleep.

See you soon Italy.

Book your Promo Award here and share your thoughts of cash or points.



  1. dude, italy’s money. when i cycled through there, i wondered how it was possible for the women to seemingly be poured into their skinny pants. wowsers!

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