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Monday, July 15, 2024
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Park Hyatt Paris-Vendome: Finally A TPOL Review

The Park Hyatt Paris Vendome Hotel Review is part of the Round The Atlantic Trip Report.

Getting There: Take Uber to avoid the price gouging taxis. From ORY airport, follow the sign to Parking Pro.

a sign in a parking lot

You ready for another review of the Park Hyatt Paris? Of course you are.

The Park Hyatt Paris Vendome is a great hotel that will make you feel happy when you check in but leave you depressed when you check out. The depression comes from the reality of knowing that you won’t be able to return to the hotel for a lengthy vacation because the price is beyond your budget, and the points are a bit steep at 30k a night.

a sign on a wall a entrance to a building

Checking In

Our room was not ready so we were asked if we wanted to have a drink while we waited. We were seated and presented with a menu of cocktails. The price was no less than 20 euros. Poor people pretending to be rich might rationalize paying for the drink. (See Naples Tour Guide.) Rich people would not pay that much for a drink. And TPOL just asks if the drink is free or if he has to pay. (TPOL being TPOL.) The waitress said we could order whatever. Obviously, we went with the most expensive drink on the menu, the Touched Harmony. (Again, TPOL being TPOL.) It was a champagne something for 29 euros. ‎It was actually awful and I’d be livid if I’d paid anything for it.

a book on a tablea menu with black text a tray of snacks on a table a glass of red liquid a glass with a straw filled with a drink

After drinking this terrible concoction, we were told that our room was ready.

The Room

The room was not a suite, but who cares? It had huge windows that opened to the courtyard and a big bed to do romantic work.

a bed with pillows and a window a bedroom with a television and a bed a bed with pillows on it a mirror of a hotel room a bed with pillows in a room with a mirrora bed with pillows and a window a room with a bed and chairs a building with many windows a building with many windows a building with a roof top and tables and trees

The Bathroom

Emirates could learn something from the Park Hyatt. The bathroom was accented with gold but wasn’t gaudy like the A380.

a bathroom with a glass shower door a bathroom with a mirror and sink a shower with a glass door a group of white and black bottles with white labels


Good hotels have an espresso‎ machine. Great hotels have one that is 1)plugged in 2) filled with water. The Park Hyatt met both requirements and came with six pods of coffee. (I kept the extras.)a tray with tea cups and saucers a black and silver coffee machinea glass bottle and a glass on a table

The Creepy Guy

The hotel featured an abundance of this guy:

a statue of a man on a wall

a statue of two people holding hands a statue of a man and a woman

The Spa

On the ground floor, there is a haven away from the hustle and bustle of life. It has a hot tub that is piping hot, a steam room, and a sauna. It also has all the Evian water you could drink. Many times I neglect to use the facilities of the hotel because I’m running around doing too much. If you go to the Park Hyatt, make time for the spa.

a small square pool with lights on a glass door with a person standing in the middle a group of water bottles in a refrigerator

The Breakfast

It’s overrated. (see full review here.) If you are a Diamondalist then opt for room service.

a group of people sitting at tables in a restaurant a plate of food with meat a plate of food on a plate


Nothing says classy Park Hyatt than late night McDonald’s, especially on your birthday. Unfortunately, they don’t deliver.

a group of fast food boxes on a bed


I am sorry that you had to read another review of the Park Hyatt Paris-Vendome, but there’s a reason the hotel has great reviews, and there’s a reason that many people burn their points or Chase certificate here. ‎It has everything you want in a hotel and a bit more than that. I would love to return for a few more nights, if only I could.

a entrance to a building



  1. Love the blog, like the review…right up until you ate McD’s. Dog food. I will never understand anyone ever eating anything at a McDonalds. Ever.
    You were in Paris. And McD’s?
    And yes, the PHV drinks are galactically overpriced.

    • It was late night and nothing was open. The hotel recommended some absurdly fancy spot. McDonald’s (which I do not like, BK is better) was the only option. Obviously, it was funny to have crap fast food in the PH, quite the contrast.

      • BK is better! Yeah, nothing is a true bargain in the area, We used our 4 free nights(two cards) there also. Ain’t paying 900 Euros a night.

        • Don’t worry, the quality of food goes up in the next post– real birthday dinner in Marseille.

  2. Having not read your other review. Have stayed at this property twice and it is the best! Not only the hotel but you can’t beat the location!

  3. We also used our 4 free nights (2 cards) last January. There was construction & the main entrance and restaurant were closed. The room was nice but the drain in the shower was plugged up and my husband had to finish his shower in the bath tub and I was unable to shower the first day. They took care of it the next day but then we had a leak in our shower from the upstairs people showering. Gross! So much for a 5 star hotel at 900 Euros a night. We complained and they offered free breakfast for two for the two remaining days. The American breakfast was great! Even if I had millions. I would never pay so much for that place. I don’t care much for the creepy bronze statues. I rather have a decent working shower.

  4. Wow, moneybags over here. Stayed there with a free night last year and they upgraded us to a really nice suite. We ate instant ramen that we brought from home for dinner.

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