Training for The Tropics: I Quit


Bill Pay Sundays: Every Sunday, TPOL peddles for money by promoting products that I use and recommend to my readers. In exchange, I get paid a referral fee. This Sunday, I’m selling the idea of traditional workout plans. 

I tried to measure what I ate and jot down what I lifted in preparation for my trip to Barbados and Trinidad. Then I had a detour in Mexico and Scottsdale and decided that I do not care. When there are tacos and tequila, why would I consume them in moderation? That approach doesn’t work for me. I’m an extreme cat. Maybe if I lived in a cubicle and was stationary, I could follow a stable regiment. Since I do not know when this points game will end, I treat every trip as the trip of a lifetime. This means drinking too much and eating too much.

With five weeks to go until my trip, I’m going extreme the other way by going back to TPOL’s Tahiti Diet. It worked before, it will work again.

Diet before Moorea not in Moorea
Diet before Moorea not in Moorea

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