Hi Globalist! Where Are You Redeeming Your Free Night?


I was suffering from pre booking stress disorder. After receiving my Globalist card in the mail which is now framed over the fireplace, I started looking for aspirational properties to redeem my free night before it expires in a year. It’s never too early to find a place to burn a certificate. Waiting only leads to bad decisions. (see Hilton Stay Certificates) Obviously, the redemption has to be at a high-end, expensive property. I have a fixation for getting the best value and for staying at properties I have not been to.

Category 7 Options

  • Park Hyatt NYC: I stayed here before and the title of my post was Consistently, Inconsistent. This was not a great hotel and I won’t return. #lemeridien
  • Park Hyatt St. Kitts: This hotel is supposed to open this spring. I’m not going to wait on it. For three years, I waited for the Park Hyatt Marrakech and it never opened. Not Open
  • Park Hyatt Sydney: My koala went missing here years ago. It’s too painful to return. PTSD
  • Grand Hyatt Changsha: No idea where Changsha is. Perhaps it’s on the poll for where TPOL should move next. 不
  • Park Hyatt Tokyo: I’ve been to the jazz bar at the top. From what I read, the hotel is dated. Skip 
  • Park Hyatt Zurich: I have no interest in going to Switzerland, even to up my Country Count list. They weren’t nice to the Jamaicans. #coolrunnings
  • Park Hyatt Paris: Booked one night here with my Chase stay certificate for my upcoming Round The Atlantic Tour. I could add another one. #freebreakfast
  • Park Hyatt Milan: Booked one night here with my Chase stay certificate for my upcoming Round The Atlantic Tour#versaceversaceversace
  • Other US Options: There’s no point in burning stay certificates in the US. Adventure is abroad. I am puzzled why the Hyatt Place Cincinnati is on the list! Capture

Category 6 Options

  • Vegas: This would be such a waste. Here are the hotels and my reviews of them:
    • Bellagio: The most overrated hotel on The Strip.
    • Delano: Good for the Mandalay Bay pool party, especially if you are M-Life Diamond.
    • Aria: A great place for a Vegas drinking game.
  • New York: The hotels are nice but not for a stay certificate. Here is where I have stayed:
    • Andaz Wall Street: Wall Street is boring but if you have business down there, this is a good choice.
    • Hyatt Herald Square: The best value in all of NYC. Thus, not worth using a certificate.
  • Aruba & Mexico: Like the other US locations in Category 6, Aruba & Mexico are not exotic enough to use a certificate.
  • China
  • Japan: There are three Category 6 Hyatts in Tokyo. I recommend the Conrad Tokyo but these Hyatt options are available if you aren’t interested in the Park Hyatt.
  • Maldives: Of all the Category 6 options, this one is the most appealing. I stayed at the Conrad Maldives as part of my $77,000 Trip Heard Round the World and have no desire to return until I’ve visited the rest of the globe.

After combing through this list, I am not disappointed that I will be losing my Globalist status next year. There aren’t a lot of properties that tickle my fancy. To burn my certificate, I tacked on another night at the PH Milan. It was the safe choice.

Where are you burning your certificate?



  1. How about the PH in high rent ski district? Domestic, but pretty easy to top of Other properties in the rate value per point.

  2. I’m likely to use mine for a category 5 or so. There are just so few category 7 hotels, and even with a category 6, it’s not easy to find a place I’d want to stay for just one night. At least for me, one night normally means transit.

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