Off to Newark to See Freddie


TPOL is a gambling man. I often double down on 12 when the dealer is showing a face card. Yesterday I missed my flight to JFK and was presented with a few options: 1) pay $300 and fly from an airport 100 miles away‎ 2) pay more miles and do the same 3) fly stand-by and hope that no one else was going to the Freddies from Montana.

Since Delta miles are meant for Krug, I decided to roll the dice and‎ go with option 3. All day, all night, I checked the Delta mobile app to see if any sly readers had bought the tickets out of spite. They did not.

I arrived at the airport and was issued my ticket to SLC. The hard part was over. The problem was that my destination was JFK which is nowhere near the Hyatt Regency Jersey City. I called Delta and asked if I could fly into EWR instead. Arriving an hour later in New Jersey would be better than arriving an hour earlier in Queens.

After some negotiation, the supervisor said she would change my ticket and not charge me anything. Delta has truly been good to me lately. Now to figure out where I am staying in New York.

Bye MT
Bye MT


  1. dude. you changed destination with no charge? how the hell? you must have told them cliffordbarnabus was your editor. people know me.

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