Capri Island: Too Touristy for My Taste


An early riser, I took the 1240PM fast boat to Capri and the last boat back at 535PM. It was 25 euros for the scenic (ripoff) ride in a pink El Camino taxi versus 1.3 euros for the bus.  ‎Then, for the chairlift, it was 11 euros round trip or 8 euros one way which is interesting. I guess you could just hang out at Monte Solaro and never come down.

The heist continued at the top where the fog blocked all views of beauty. In the mood to get further ripped off, I ordered a cappuccino which was 3.5 euros. That’s not that bad. Caffeinated, my attitude began to change. The fog pulled back its death grip and revealed the beauty of the island. It’s amazing how sun can make everything better. After taking great photos, I began to appreciate where I was and partially forgot the imperfections of my poorly planned trip.

Satisfied, I took the lift down and commemorated the journey with an iconic photo which encapsulates my feelings about Capri.

TPOL’s Tips:

  • The ticket price is 19 euros from Napoli Beverello for the fast ferry which takes 50 minutes.
  • Sneak onto the dock early to get front row seats on the sea. It is a bit chilly so wearing your “I love Napoli” tee shirt is not recommended.
  • Do not take a taxi (25 euros) to Anacapri to catch the lift to Monte Solaro. The bus is 1.3 euros.
  • The Blue Grotto is the other main attraction in Capri. I didn’t go.


  1. curious as to whether there is a trail to the top…or…must one be lazy? not saying there’s anything wrong with lazy! but just wondering!

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