US Bank Altitude Approved But MSers Be Wary


I applied for the US Bank Altitude card when I was in Trinidad but was initially rejected. When I called recon, the agent told me that the system rejected my application because I was out of the US Bank market area. I had to remind him that Montana is part of the Union and that I had an issue with the US Bank branch in Butte, Montana. He said he would reprocess the application.

Scaling the mountain of Capri, I received the email that the card was in the mail. The benefits of the card include 50,000 points worth $750 of travel, 12 Gogo In-Flight passes, and $325 worth of travel. That easily offsets the $400 annual fee, at least in year one. That’s the good news.

The bad news is that US Bank is denying MSers who apply for this card while simultaneously shutting down all their other accounts. A scared kitty, I stopped MSing years ago. But those that do and those that do it hard should not apply for this card if they have MSed in the past with US Bank cards. Those that have found a way to MS using mobile wallet spending which yields 3X points should know that they are next to be shut down.

If you have been shut down for MS, contact everyone’s favorite consumer arbitration attorney, me, at Stay tuned for my next Frequent Miler Fine Print article where I discuss how I beat Citi in an arbitration case.

Happy churning!

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