Simply The Best: April 2017


This is what happens when I travel too much. I neglect my duties. Here are the best posts from the month of April, a month with no laptop.

  1. The Best Use of Delta SkyMiles: Krug Champagne

    It’s only 10,000 points for a bottle of Krug. Next to the hot dog cart, this is the best way to enjoy your time at the Sky Club.
  2. Alaska Does Right By Me: 12k for Overnight Delay

    Given what is going on in the world of aviation, it is nice to see that there still is good customer service.
  3. Lenovo X1 Carbon: Here And Ready to Blog!

    April has been my worst month of blogging. The laptop died while I was on the road and I had to wait for this beautiful Lenovo X1 Carbon to come out and be shipped from China.
  4. Missed My Flight to NYC: The Freddies Strikes Again

    Jolted out of my dream, I awoke to the screams of Home Alone.
  5. Losbetos: The Best Mexican Food in the World

    Still, the best Mexican food in the world is in Scottsdale, Arizona.
  6. Bill Pay Sundays: Tahiti Diet Success

    I still have a ways to go to get to Mr. Olympia, but the before and after speaks for itself.
  7. Fair Or Foul? Cutting Your Hair in a Hotel Room

    Is it fair or foul to cut your hair in a hotel bathroom to spare yourself the trouble of the clean up?


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