Simply The Best: May 2017


I was out of the country for May, but I am getting better at ‘real time’ blogging. I will be slamming BA’s homepage this month with posts that I wrote on my journey. For now, enjoy the best of May 2017:

  1. Flying Blu, Literally Depressed: DTW-CDG Air France in Coach

    What is this Legos tin box I’m flying in? It says a340. Unlike a fine French wine, this aircraft does not get better with age.
  2. Olive Garden Times Square: Real Italian Food

    Nothing says New York like Times Square. And nothing says Italian food like the internationally acclaimed Olive Garden.
  3. Guns & Butter: Barbados Travel Guide

    It’s easy to be lazy in Barbados. Here are three of the laziest activities that you should do.
  4. Outstaying Your Welcome: Hyatt Trinidad Says No Pool Access

    Status or no status, I always assumed that a guest is welcome to outstay his welcome longer after checkout.
  5. The Lack of Lounge Day from Hell in CDG

    Air France’s bus route from DTW to CDG only got worse when we arrived bright and early into Paris.
  6. Capri Island: Too Touristy for My Taste

    It’s amazing how sun can make everything better.
  7. The Best Airport Food: Trinidad’s POS

    Since I spent so much time eating in the food court, I didn’t have the time to make use of the lounge.

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