Tremont Chicago Hotel Review: Nice Hotel But Ditka Sucks


Tremont Chicago Hotel Review is part of the Round The Atlantic Trip Report.

As a Lions fan, I have no ill will towards the Bears. We lose. They lose. And even when they win, they still lose (see Super Bowl XLI). Bears fans and players have mixed feelings about Mike Ditka. My memories of him come from SNL more than watching him on the sidelines. Again, I have no strong opinion on this issue. I do, however, have a strong opinion on the restaurant that bears his name and likeness at the Tremont Chicago. It is there that I will begin my hotel review.


Free is too expensive for breakfast at Ditka’s. Zero effort was put in the presentation and if there was a number less than zero, that was how much went into the food preparation.

Park Hyatt Paris?
Mike doesn’t strike me as a good cook. It is conceivable that he actually made these eggs.

Sorry Mike, I eat what I like. And I don’t like your food.

At least the memorabilia and caricature of Mike made coming marginally worth it.

Now to the Hotel 

With breakfast out of the way, I’ll talk about the hotel. First, it’s in a great location, only paces away from Pippin’s Tavern and Downtown Dogs and at the Magnificent Mile. Second, the room was spacious and the bed was comfortable. Finally, the soap was made from champagne.




If the price is right, this is a good option for a central hotel in Chicago. Just stay away from this guy:

Update: Tremont is no longer part of Marriott.

Tremont Chicago Hotel Review is part of the Round The Atlantic Trip Report.


  1. Ditka’s has an excellent dinner menu, and you’re giving it unfairly short shrift because people don’t go there for breakfast! The steaks are great, they have filet mignon sliders to die for and the nachos (with pot roast simmered in a special recipe) are just awesome. Been there numerous times and never had anything less than an excellent meal. Far better than Harry Carey’s for example.

    One important thing to note as well: the downtown Ditka’s location (where you went) is closing, having elected not to renew its lease. So that’s also likely a factor in their lackluster attempt at breakfast (which I can’t even believe they offer).

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