Priority Pass Milan-Malpensa: Sambuca for Breakfast?


The Priority Pass Milan Malpensa Lounge Review is part of the Round The Atlantic Trip Report.

The Priority Pass Lounge in ‎Malpensa Airport was a lifesaver. Having a 4PM checkout at the Park Hyatt Milan is meaningless when your flight is at 930AM and you have to be out of the hotel by 6AM. The journey is worse when it’s coupled with massive dehydration and train complications.

This brings me back to the lounge that was located right next to my gate, A3. I skipped the snacks and was tempted to have a shot of sambuca to keep the party going. Instead, I made myself at home on the big couch and only left to go to the surprisingly nice bathroom.

I’ve spoken ill of Priority Pass Lounges before, but my experience at the start of the trip in CDG and a proper hangover made me appreciate this one.

priority pass milan malpensa lounge review

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