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Monday, July 15, 2024
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A Mild Day of Tourism in Paris

I have been to Paris before. Admittedly, this time I was only going to do the blogger’s pilgrimage to the Park Hyatt Vendome en route to my birthday celebration in Marseille. Knowing that this wasn’t an official tour of Paris and certain that I would return in the near future, I excused myself from having to do the typical tourist tours.

Apart from visiting the Eiffel Tower, the day before my birthday consisted of eating, drinking, and lounging in the beautiful Park Hyatt Vendome. I went to Cafe Le Bosquet for escargot and duck. After a downpour, it was time for the spa at the hotel. At night, I kicked off the birthday celebration at Frog Hop House. I arrived too late for dinner and ended up at this fine establishment for a proper birthday dinner.

a entrance to a building a large metal tower with a pool of water and people in the background with Eiffel Tower in the background a building with a red awning a bottle of wine and a glass of wine on a table a plate of snails on a table a plate of food on a red table a small square pool with lights on a sign on a building a pair of yellow beer coasters on a wooden surface a group of people sitting at a table in a bar two glasses of beer on a table


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