Palazzo Caracciolo Napoli: A Beautiful Accor Hotel


The Palazzo Caracciolo Naples Hotel Review is part of the Round The Atlantic Trip Report.

Getting There: The airport is very close to the city center. I took a taxi from the airport and had to haggle with the driver to pay 17 euros (should’ve been 16). In Naples, drivers like to add on a ‘night tax’ and ‘bag tax’, also known as the tourist tax.

No SPG, Hilton Or Hyatt? Where Do I stay? 

Even though they won many awards at the Freddies, Accor hotels do not receive a lot of publicity in the American blog world. I rarely stay there because I do not have any Le Club points. I stayed at an Ibis in New Zealand and was going to book the Ibis Napoli.  Instead, I chose the luxurious Palazzo Caracciolo because it was only 10 euros more than the 90 euros per night Ibis.

  • TPOL’s Tip: Joining Le Club provides a discount on rooms even if you have no status.

The Hotel 

The hotel is beautiful. It’s a palace in the middle of a city that is full of garbage and graffiti.

My idol

The hotel has two courtyards. One for relaxing and the other for formal dining and events. When we arrived, there was a wedding that I did not crash.

The Room 

The room was standard and adequate.

Palazzo Caracciolo Naples Hotel Review

The Bathroom 

Europeans and their bathrooms! What is the mortality rate of getting in and out of the tub with the swaying piece of glass that does a poor job of keeping the water from getting on the floor?

The Staff

The staff was helpful. It gave me the ferry schedule for Capri. One guy at the front desk even warned me about going on the hell bus tour of the Amalfi Coast. I should’ve listened.


Naples, like Ulaanbaatar, is a city to see while passing through. Go there for one night, get pizza, and get out. If you’re looking for a place to stay while you make that transition, I recommend Palazzo Caracciolo Napoli.



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