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Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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How I Almost Left Marrakech After One Night

I try to blog in real time so I don’t forget critical details. I was ready to hit publish on this post but had a change of heart. 

Iberia and Avios to the rescue. Sorry, Marrakech may be the new hot spot for tourists, but it isn’t for me. After only a night here, I made the executive decision to leave. I checked Avios out of here and found no availability to Madrid. Curiously, I found availability to Barcelona through Madrid. Calling on Skype from a country with terrible Wi-Fi, I spoke to an Iberia agent who agreed to make the change. He noted my account and told me I’d have to call Iberia Plus to finalize it. After a few dropped calls and an agent who said there were no flights available, I finally got her to make the swap. As luck would have it, there was no charge because my original flight out of this overrated city had been changed by an hour. This involuntary change and good fortune got me out of this lackluster place.

a close up of a drink
A valid reason to leave. Non-alcoholic cocktails at Chili’s, the place I thought for sure would serve drinks.


  1. Wow, absolutely incredible post, such awesome details! I cant believe I wasted 30 seconds of my life reading this- nothing- and writing a response! Do you do this for a living? Perhaps BA should revoke you and send you back to 3rd grade.

  2. How I left ‘Points of Light’ after one minute.
    Closing the browser tab to the rescue. Sorry, POI may be allowed on the but this information-free post isn’t for me. After only a minute here, I made the executive decision to leave.

  3. I was there in end of April and my main purpose was the desert tour. I spent two nights in Marrakesh, stayed in a beautiful riad, and explored the city. It was different for sure but I was prepared and awared of the scams and I was surprised that we, as ladies, didn’t get verbal harrassement at all! It was definitely not scary that I felt any need of leaving the country so interested to see what had you experienced! Check out my trip report and photos:

  4. It would be interesting to get you point of view on this… Lots of vloggers currently raving about Morroco and I was kinda interested to go. However if its just another tourist trap for Europeans then i would rather just head somewhere else.

  5. So alcohol was hard to find in a muslim country and you had a terrible wifi in the entire country of Moracco..seems like a fair review. Maybe you should travel a bit more before doing a travel blog so you gain a little more experience?

  6. TPOF. New to the your blog, experienced traveler, travel hacker, and read many blogs. Chill out a bit, seriously. Attacking every and, any comment that is different than your view point? A typo? Come on you can certainly, understand pointing that out is petty.

    • No attacks here. I just don’t use smileys and make my point explicit when someone does not read the words or says something that is simply false. So many blogs are echo chambers of people saying they love the Park Hyatt Vendome and how great Maldives is. Isn’t it more interesting to read a perspective that isn’t uniform and maybe a bit crass? And I make a point to respond to comments the same way I would respond if one of my friends said something I found dumb. As far as grammar errors, nothing wrong with pointing them out. Of course if you find any of those in my writing, blame it on my editor, Clifford! haa.

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