Flight Review Royal Air Maroc: Props to Marrakech


The Royal Air Maroc Flight Review is part of the Round The Atlantic Trip Report.

Leaving Marseille, I connected in Casablanca en route to Marrakech, a city that has been more hyped than Lonzo Ball. I boarded the bus to get me on the prop plane that would take me the rest of the distance. We aimlessly drove around the tarmac and arrived at the plane. The doors didn’t open and we suddenly made a U-Turn. This was not our plane. The driver had to call to ask where the plane was which was pretty funny. Finally, we got off the bus and got on the plane.

The comedy continued when I saw that there was a business class section of the plane with the same seating configuration. Only a red curtain divided us peasants from the upper class passengers. Those people received water before take off. We did not.

Unlike my Alaska Airlines prop plane experience, this ride came with food. It tasted awful but at least it was something. Bored, I flipped through the inflight magazine and read about the history of Royal Air Maroc. It was long and impressive, dating back to 1953. I spent the rest of the time wondering what was going on in the forward cabin.

royal air maroc flight review

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