Miller’s Guesthouse Tobago: Chill Spot


If you’re looking for a name brand resort in Tobago, you won’t find one. Following my trip to Cyprus, I vowed not to spend a lot of money on non-brand hotels. There, I spent $150 for a hotel that was as luxurious as the Oasis in Cancun. The next day I switched to a crummy bread and breakfast with a loud air conditioner and uncomfortable bed for 1/3 of the price. It sucked but it was only $50.

In Tobago, I found Miller’s Guesthouse for $67 a night. That’s a bit steep for a guesthouse but not very expensive in comparison to other properties on the island.


We arrived at 1AM and the guesthouse had a taxi waiting for us. It was $20 because it was late at night.

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The Room

It’s a typical guesthouse/hostel room. The air conditioner worked great and there were plenty of channels on the television.

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The Tour 

The hotel arranged the glass bottom boat tour which was convenient. Power 1 picked us up right off the dock from the guesthouse.

2017-05-04 10.38.07 2017-05-04 10.38.19 2017-05-04 11.33.16

The Food 

We had a tuna sandwich and it was pretty good, too much bread though.

2017-05-05 10.28.16

The Location 

If I return to Tobago, I will stay at Crown Point, which is on the other side of the island. Miller’s would be great on a Sunday when there is a block party.


It’s a guesthoue and it served its purpose.


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