Don’t Let National Holidays Mess With Your Trip


Monday was a bank holiday in Barbados. Most of the businesses were closed including the rum distilleries. That was bad news for TPOL who could not go on a rum crawl as he intended. Overlooking public holidays is something that has been an issue before. In Doha, I was upgraded to the biggest room at the W. When the front desk called to ask if I was impressed with the room, he said that there was no alcohol served anywhere in Qatar because it was Muhammad’s birthday. In Belgrade, I did not know that the military museum was closed on Monday. As a result, I couldn’t see the remnants of the stealth fighter that was shot down. I’m sure there are other examples which I have chosen to forget. I highly recommend checking the holiday schedule before arriving at a new destination. When I travel to many places in one trip, it is something I overlook to my detriment.

The party suite with no party @W Doha
The party suite with no party @W Doha


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