Medina, Marrakech: The Detox Juice Bar


The Medina has everything. Shops selling handmade leather purses, snakes that siss for photos, monkeys that also demand money, food stalls with some of the best soup in the world, and, of course, the juice bars.

I now have some idea why people come here. It’s not for the food or the Wi-Fi. It’s to detox. After weeks of nonstop drinking, I needed a break from the toxins of alcohol. And nothing is a better cleanse than freshly squeezed fruit. I tried many combinations but my favorite was banana and plum. It goes for 10 dh ($1.05). The OJ is 4 dh ($.42) but make sure you get the freshly paroled variety as there is chatter that the premade one is watered down. I cannot tell you what separates one juice cart from the next. The square is lined with dozens of them with vendors quick to offer free samples and yell at anyone who appears to be thirsty/a tourist. My favorite juiceman had his own isolated stand away from juice row. He was a very serious man who never smiled, but always gave me a little bit extra each time I stopped by for a visit.

Man calling out to customers.
There’s always money in the banana stand! Visit my buddy at No 33.

Besides the juice bars in the square, there is one down the main corridor beyond all the shops. I arrived to find dozens of people jam packed at the window, literally begging for their containers to be filled by this juiceman’s concoction. As soon as he would make a fresh batch, he would be out. I fought my way to the front of the line and waited patiently as he made the next round. It was incredible to see the patience and effort that went into making the drink. He started with one fruit, mixed it up, then layered the cup. Then he went on to the next fruit and did the same. This happens a few more times and then pandemonium broke out as everyone was trying to hand him cash. While the juice was good, it did not justify the rambunctious crowd’s behavior.

Liberated from all toxins, the next part of the Medina exploration tour was the food. But first, I had to figure out how to get back to the main square.



  1. More photos and stories please. The food, merchandise store (even if you’re not buying and just looking around), etc.

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