Training for the Tropics: My New Workout Program


Bill Pay Sundays: Every Sunday, TPOL peddles for money by promoting products that I use and recommend to my readers. In exchange, I get paid a referral fee. I have pitched MuscleEgg as the best way to get in shape and TRX Ropes as the best way to workout on the road. Today, I am staying true to the wellness theme by promoting The Lil Guys health and fitness program. 

Spring break is coming up! Since my college days are behind me, I won’t be headed to Cancun. Instead, I am going to Barbados and Trinidad in late April. Tired of my same workout routine, I needed something else to get me in shape. I learned about The Lil Guys, an online health and fitness program, which provides a more balanced meal plan than my patented Tahiti Diet along with a fitness regiment that is not all chest and no legs.

I completed the online questionnaire and received an email from my trainer Eddie to set up a Skype consultation. From there, I discussed my health and fitness goals. The next step was to send off some unflattering ‘before’ photos of myself (thank you Year of the Monkey Trip) and an uncoordinated video of me doing squats. Today, I received my workout for the week and my initial diet.

Tomorrow, I begin week one of this rigorous ten week routine. Each day I have to track exactly what I am eating and record awkward videos of myself lifting. Much like the Athens Marathon, I will provide weekly updates of my progress and what I think of the program.

If you would like to learn more about The Lil Guys fill out the online questionnaire in its entirety. (In the ‘Were you referred by someone?’ entry, tell them TPOL sent you. In the ‘how did you hear about us’ entry, put in my trainer’s name, Eddie Larios.)

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to treat myself to a goodbye pizza.

Napa pizza please
Napa pizza please


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