Simply The Best: January 2020


January of 2020 is done. That’s wild. Not as wild as these great posts:

  1. Happy New Year from TPOL: The Year & Hindsight Is 2020

    How I commute to work now. Who needs a Cadillac when you have a golf cart?
  2. Game Over: TPOL Found the Best Pho in NYC

    On this day, Sao Mai served the best pho in NYC. When I go again, I hope that is still true.
  3. Renaissance Yu Garden Shanghai: A Comprehensive Review

    Renaissance made good on its promise and moved me to a huge room with a view on par with my views from Grand Hyatt Shanghai, Park Hyatt Shanghai, and Hyatt on the Bund.
  4. “Puerto Rico Rocked by Earthquake”: Enough Dramatic Headlines

    I am tired of reading national news that imprecisely depicts the situation on the ground. I am sick of being asked if I have electricity. I am over talking about Hurricane Maria.
  5. How to Get to JFK from Brooklyn: LIRR, Of Course

    If I am in Brooklyn near the Atlantic Terminal, I will take the LIRR + AirTrain to JFK. It’s cheap, fast, and convenient.
  6. Cheap Eats Shanghai: Morning, Day, Night, Morning Again

    The street food is alive. Some have moved indoors, but the prices are still cheap and the food is still great.
  7. Wyndham Tortola BVI Resort: What a (Isolated) Beach

    When the sun is up, I would recommend skipping your work conference and doing nothing. The beach is Seychelles-esque.

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