Keep Vs. Cancel: JetBlue Personal


I feel like I have written this post before. Have I? Let’s search the archives for it. Indeed, here it is: Keep Vs. Cancel: Barclays jetBlue. This second time around was much like the first time. I was not given a retention bonus and had to decide if the 10% rebate on miles redeemed perk was worth the annual fee. In addition, I would receive 5,000 points if I kept the card. Though I enjoy the 10% rebate, I have exhausted my JetBlue points and cannot rationalize the $99 annual fee. I hope to apply and be approved for this card in the future, though my luck has not been that great recently (except for the Amex Green Approval!).

I’ve asked the question before and I’ll ask it again: would you keep this card?

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