Keep Vs. Cancel: Barclays jetBlue


The $99 annual fee came due on my jetBlue card. I received the JetBlue 30k signup bonus last year and took a points qualifying flight that netted me 105k JetBlue points. A year later, I have to decide whether it is worth keeping the card. The perks of the card include a 10% rebate on all flights taken and 5k in anniversary points. Luckily, the 5k posted to my account before the fee is due. This leaves me to analyze if the 10% rebate makes keeping the card worth the fee.

In the last year, I redeemed 43,000 points by going to Colombia, Barbados, and Trinidad. I received 4,300 back in rebates. This year I have no flights booked on JetBlue and no big plans to go anywhere they fly. Assuming I fly the same amount as I did last year, I would lose 4k in points by not keeping the card. This amount is offset by the fact that the bonus was already credited. As a result, I see no reason to hold onto the card and will save my $99.

I’m sick of paying annual fees and really need a big retention bonus to stick around, something that Barclays hardly ever offers me.

Anyone holding on to his/her card or was lucky enough to get a retention offer?



  1. Was offered $99 credit with no spend AND 5k points with $1k spend in the next three months. Took the offer, I had no intention of canceling as I fly jetBlue too much.

  2. Same here bro….
    I called to cancel it and they offered to waive the $99 fee. I have no idea why because I never use the card and I’ve only had it for a year. I just canceled my Delta Amex card and the next 2 victims will be the United Explorere and the Southwest card. If I don’t get outsized value out of the card I’m getting ride of them Tired of paying theses silly annual fees.

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