Simply The Worst: July 2020


Everyone should be outraged at what the United States has become. 1000 people are dying a day for COVID. We are a joke to the world, and we only have ourselves to blame for accepting this sad reality (see Stop Going to the Bar Jerks!). With that grim outlook, I give you the worst posts from July 2020. They all come from The Lost & Found Year(s): Covid Trip Report, the only trip report I have since Americans have been locked out from most of the world, and for good reason (see Travel Or Stay Inside? TPOL’s Thoughts on Coronavirus, written on 2/26/2020 and Do I Stay Or Do I Go? Thoughts on the Second Covid Wave, written on 4/23/2020). Don’t act like I never told ya.

Infected Tourists Are Coming to Puerto Rico

Tourist dollars aren’t worth the death toll that will certainly follow.

Frontier Airlines: The Covid Super Spreader for Puerto Rico

“We’re all in this together.” Those words were bullshit then and they are even more hollow now.

Post TPOL, Frontier Erases Alfredo’s Adventure to Puerto Rico

Stay home. Stay away.

Back on Lockdown in Puerto Rico

Why are people coming here in the first place? It’s raining everyday, there are sandstorms, it’s hurricane season, bars are closed, and the there are man-eating iguanas everywhere. Stay away.

Can I Go Visit Puerto Rico?

The original message was more on point.

Sorry Harbaugh, College Football Should Be Cancelled

The Horseshoe
If Harbuagh wants to deal with COVID, the only way to do so is to cancel the season this fall. While life without college football will be depressing, the good news is we won’t lose to Ohio State again.

Dispelling Puerto Rico’s ‘Covid Crisis’: Tweeting @NYT Worked

I don’t know why the NYT and other publications feel the need to sensationalize headlines about Puerto Rico, which is why I proceeded to tweet at the author of the article expressing my frustration.

What I Look Forward To

Pandemic, pandemic, pandemic. It never ends and there’s nothing to do besides order nonsense off of Amazon and wait for my expected ship date to be updated.

Complaint of the Week: Zoom Calls

I cannot wait for this pandemic to be over and for the employees to go back into work. They’re not cut out for working online. They belong in the cubicle*, virtually and physically far from me.

If you want to escape the cubicle responsibly or if you’re responsibly socially distancing yourself from misinformation and need something to do, buy my relaunched book, Everyone’s Advice Is Wrong . . . Including Mine.


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