Simply The Best: December 2020


Dare I mention 2020? I do but only to point out the best posts from that month.

  1. Becoming Hyatt Globalist Again: TPOL’s Masterpiece Strategy

    Life will be normal in 2022.
  2. NYC Twice: A Recap of My 2020 Travels

    Life will be normal in 2022.
  3. COVID 2020: TPOL’s Most Productive Year

    Life will be normal in 2022 but buy my book today.
  4. Google Timeline: An Invasive But Useful (Self) Spy Tool

    Life will be normal in 2022.
  5. Ra ra Rasputin: Visiting Yusupov Palace in St. Petersburg

    Ra ra Rasputin Russia’s greatest love machine
  6. Shashlik in St. Petersburg

    Looking to relive the glory days of good eating, I went to Baklajhan, an Uzbek restaurant in St. Petersburg.
  7. Grand Hotel Europe St. Petersburg: Vodka + Caviar + Birthplace of Beef Stroganoff

    I challenge you to have a more upscale evening in your life.



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