Ra ra Rasputin: Visiting Yusupov Palace in St. Petersburg


Yusupov Palace is part of the Quest Around the Globe Trip Report.

Inspired by Tetris, I went to Moscow. Inspired by Boney M., I went to St. Petersburg.

There are two things to see if you are intrigued by Rasputin, Russia’s version of Lam Drukpa Kuenley, The Wandering Madman of Bhutan. The first is Moika Palace itself.

The Moika River
The Palace

The second is the basement where Rasputin was murdered.

TPOL’S TIP: Admission to the palace and to the basement are separate as are visiting hours.

Who Was Rasputin? 

There lived a certain man in Russia long ago
He was big and strong, in his eyes a flaming glow
Most people looked at him with terror and with fear
But to Moscow chicks he was such a lovely dear
He could preach the Bible like a preacher
Full of ecstasy and fire
But he also was the kind of teacher
Women would desire

But when his drinking and lusting
And his hunger for power
Became known to more and more people
The demands to do something
About this outrageous man
Became louder and louder

How many people are required for the crime of conspiracy?

The Setup 

Then one night some men of higher standing
Set a trap, they’re not to blame
“Come to visit us”, they kept demanding
And he really came
Trap door?
Shady winding staircase?

The Basement 

Dinner Time 
Ra ra Rasputin
Lover of the Russian queen
They put some poison into his wine
Ra ra Rasputin
Russia’s greatest love machine
He drank it all and said, “I feel fine”
Gunshots Gunshots
Ra ra Rasputin
Lover of the Russian queen
They didn’t quit, they wanted his head
Ra ra Rasputin
Russia’s greatest love machine
And so they shot him ’til he was dead

No mention of Boney M.

For such a clever man, I’m surprised he went to the meeting. I assume it was his arrogance that led him to fall for the trap combined with his inferiority complex. “They like me, they really like me!,” he must have thought when he went there.

Learning history can be fun. All it takes is a clever song, a ticket to Russia, and going to the right part of the museum.

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