Simply The Best: March 2020


TPOL turned 6 in March. Unfortunately, that’s not how I will remember March. I will remember it by the US government failing the American people. I will also try to remember it with happy memories from past trips.

  1. Social Distance Yourself from Misinformation

    The President of the United States is a liar. Do not believe anything he says.
  2. From Your Grade School Principal: Regarding COVID-19

    We aren’t in this together. And you’re not here for me. It’s more like you have your foot on my neck, and you won’t leave me alone unless I am dead.
  3. How to Book a Trip to Bhutan

    Looking to travel to Bhutan? You’ll need to apply for a visa and more importantly, travel with a guide. The process is a bit sketchy.
  4. Finding Happiness: Bhutan Day 1

    Relieved that my tour company was not a scam, I began my journey to find happiness.
  5. Grand Anse Beach Grenada: Detox After Carnival

    If you’re in Grenada, the beach to visit is Grand Anse.
  6. Surrendering Vacation: When to Cut a Trip Short

    Like my beautiful face, my beauty of an itinerary (which thus far had cost me next to nothing) and my swagger as a savvy traveler now have black marks that will take some time to heal.
  7. What’s a Travel Blog Without Travel?

    I book. I cancel. I rebook. I cancel.


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