TPOL Is 6exy 6 Years Old Today


If you thought TPOL was going away, you were wrong. TPOL turned 6exy 6 today. Last year, I showed the #1 posts from when I starting blogging (see Simply The Best: 5 Years of T-P-O-L). This time, I’m showcasing all my trips since birth. Years from now I’ll look back and have to remember why I went nowhere in 2020 (see not including any negative links). Looking back at these Trip Reports, I appreciate the shenanigans, the places I have been, and the places I have lived this past decade (see Happy New Year from TPOL: The Year & Hindsight Is 2020). I also appreciate everyone from the deplorables to the do-nothing Dems who read, comment, love and hate everything and anything about me.

6 more years!


Rum Rum Caribbean Castaway (March)

Freddie Awards to New Orleans Binge Weekend (April)

new orleans travel guide

TPOL in Canada (June)

ANA, Take Me ‘Round The World

TPOL Moves to Shanghai (August)

TPOL Won’t Visit All 50 States And That’s OK (October)


#NoCollusion No Albania for TPOL (August)

Despacito! TPOL Moves to Puerto Rico (June 26) & Expat in Puerto Rico

TPOL Down Under (December)


TPOL Moves to Scottsdale (December 9th)

South America & Africa Points Heist (September)

Jerry World (August)

Round the Atlantic Tour (April)

Final Four San Antonio (April)

Detour in Mexico (March)

2017-03-09 19.33.59


The Year of the Monkey (December)

Ganbei gone wrong

Michigan v. Ohio State (November)

What do you do in a city where everyone hates you? Do you cower and not wear your alma mater's colors? Do you say,

Quest Around The Globe (August)

The interrogation

Whose Land? Iceland (June)

2016-06-18 15.30.33

Tahiti Triumph (May)

2016-05-09 11.51.11-1


The Citrus Bowl (December)


TPOL Moves to NYC (December 9th)

The Athens Marathon: The Original Course (November)

Finally happy
What’s more impressive, surviving the Athens Marathon or the Pyramids?

The Southwest Companion Pass (August)

2015-09-02 19.00.58 (Copy)

New York, New York, New York (March)



So Long Mongolia, Hello SE Asia (December)

Let's not forget about the traditional giant white camera.

The Visa Run Through Asia (October)

TPOL Moves to Mongolia (August 1st)

Into the Cold Via Scandinavia (July)


A Trip to the Far East in Style (June)

30 Minutes to Costa Rica (May)


The $77,000 Trip Heard Round the World

New Years Eve 2013
Bonus post: Where it all started before TPOL was born.


  1. Happy anniversary and congratulations on the accomplishments!

    So basically, on overall average, you got a redemption value of 6.2 cents per point/mile used. Not too bad … keep up the good work & safe travels.

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