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Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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Simply The Best: July 2020

Previously, I told you the worst of July. Here’s the best.

  1. Kasalta Puerto Rico: My Favorite Bakery, Deli, Coffee Shop, Wine Bar, Sandwich Shop, And Place to Hang Out

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    Don’t be surprised if you go in for a sandwich and leave with a $100 bill.
  2. Paragliding Pokhara: Born to Be Alive

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    Now I’ve been paragliding. What is there left to do?
  3. House Hunters Puerto Rico: Bored in Beautiful Bahia Beach

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    There is golf. There is a beach. Two out of three prerequisites for my home search were met. There’s definitely and most certainly no nightlife in Bahia. People come here to get away and stay away.
  4. Rip-off Alert: Golfing in the Himalayas

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    This place is a joke. It’s like if my dad said he would build me a pool in my backyard and just dug a hole and filled it with water. I played 4 holes and asked for my money back. I was told no.
  5. Guns & Butter: Kathmandu Travel Guide (Bargaining Edition)

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    TPOL is one and done with Kathmandu. I got more than I bargained for.
  6. House Hunters Puerto Rico: Ocean Park, Nice Until It Floods

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    The beautiful beach around the corner also had me thinking less about golf.
  7. House Hunters Puerto Rico: TPOL Finds His Home
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    And that is why moving to Puerto Rico was one of my best life choices.

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