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Saturday, June 22, 2024
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Pho Madrid: No Me Gusta

Pho Madrid is part of The Adios Puerto Rico, Hola España Trip Report. Read TPOL in Madrid: Why A Second Residency?

It has been since May 2022 that I had a bowl of pho (see Pho-usion in Estonia) unless you count instant pho in Puerto Rico (see En Casa Costco Pho Review). I had no expectations of the pho in Madrid but hoped that in this international city I would not be disappointed. Unfortunately, Vietnam Express did not deliver. Here’s why:

Spring Rolls

10.60 euros for 2 spring rolls? That’s insanely expensive. Unless it’s a caviar roll, what justifies the price?a plate of food with sauce and a bowl of food

Pho Bo

I only like pho tai, pho with thinly cut sirloin served rare in the bowl, that cooks as I mix in the right combination of jalapenos, sprouts, sriracha, lime, and hoison. If a restaurant does not have pho tai listed on the menu, I know to move on (see Pho Edinburgh: Disappointing Adventure). Laziness is the reason I broke this rule. Vietnam Express is a two-minute walk from my apartment. What if the best pho is right outside my door? Surely, I should give it a try.


For 10.50 euros, strangely cheaper than the spring rolls, I received the tiniest bowl.a bowl of soup with leaves on it


There were no jalapenos nor hoison. The sprouts were the weird looking ones, and the lime lacked zest. In Hanoi, not being offered these accessories is normal. What is abnormal is a lukewarm broth. That is inexcusable. No wonder the beef is cooked ahead of time.a bowl of soup with vegetables and herbs


It did not taste bad, but it was more soup than pho. Of course, I still ate it but take note that I did not finish it off as is inevitable with a great bowl.

a bowl of soup with a spoon and chopsticks


Vietnam Express is too expensive and too bland. Given the other great dining choices (see Michelin for Lunch in Madrid? Why Not? or Mo de Movimiento Madrid: Oh de Organic Pizza or Ten Con Ten Madrid vs. City Hall Scottsdale), I doubt I’ll venture out for another bowl of pho while I am here.a building with a sign on the front



  1. I’m going to lump this in there with all the peruvian restaurants I found in Barcelona. High expectations, low realizations. Maybe peruvian food in Peru is great, but in Barcelona it’s just meh.

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