Friday, August 12, 2022

What to Pack: Take 1/4 of the Clothes, 1/2 the Money

"Pack 1/2 the clothes, twice the money," Lee Abbamonte once said (see What to Pack: “Take 1/2 the Clothes, Twice the Money”). After years on the road, I have revised that and am now...

JFK: Too Early to Check-In

I am paranoid when it comes to transport. En route to Warsaw, I had to connect in JFK. I flew jetBlue from San Juan to NYC at 11:50AM with a scheduled arrival at 3:45PM. Despite my 10PM flight, I was still paranoid that disaster would strike and harpoon my RTW itinerary.

Iraqi Homecoming Trip Report: An Introduction

When Covid hit, I made adjustments. The most obvious one was not traveling. Locked down, I became accustomed to my daily lifestyle, and, dare I say, even accomplished a few things.

Just Got Home & Now I’m Leaving Again

I am supposed to be publishing the Iraq Homecoming Trip Report. Due to the fact that renovations of my villa are still incomplete and despite leaving my place in their care for more than...

easyJet: The World’s Best Low-Cost Carrier

I have flown many discount carriers in my day. My favorite Asian discount carrier is AirAsia. My favorite in the US is Southwest. My favorite in Europe and, after this trip, in the world is Easyjet.

In Search of the Priority Pass Milan Malpensa Airport

Priority Pass Malpensa Airport is part of Punxsutawney TPOL Trip Report. We took the train to MXP and spent the next hour wandering the airport searching for a lounge. The first was located in the...

“Tickets, Please, Tickets”: Train Anxiety

I have great anxiety when riding them because I never know if I purchased the right ticket. I am always worried about being fined by the ticket checker because I booked the wrong fare or worse for not having a ticket at all.

Guns & Butter: Milan Travel Guide

Milan is a great city. Everyone is so fashionable. I feel like a bum each time I come because I never have my tailor-made sure and tie

Hyatt Centric Milan: Cert Worthy?

The age-old question: you have one night in a city and a late arrival. Do you burn points on a nice hotel that you will not enjoy besides the bed?

1 Euro Italian Villa: Would She Be Mine?

I was going a little crazy sitting on the beach in Puerto Rico for the last 17 months. I had read about the 1 euro houses in Italy for the past few years and thought that if there was a time to buy one, it would be now
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