Priority Pass Lounge of the Year? Guadalajara, Mexico


The Priority Pass Guadalajara Lounge Review is part of The Detour in Mexico Trip Report which covers the following places :

I left for the airport early because traffic in Guadalajara is a nightmare (see Guadalajara Travel Guide). I arrived promptly only to find out that my flight was delayed for hours. No worries, there was a Priority Pass Lounge that was Lounge of the Year in 2016.

It was a decent lounge, far better than the yuck one in Jakarta, but I don’t get why it won any awards.

2017-03-10 16.04.27

The Food 

If you like junk food, you’ll appreciate this lounge. Doritos and chicken wings were available and refilled regularly. The wings were not worthy of a lounge food contest and the sides were not appetizing enough for me to retain my title of Fat Guy at the Lounge.

2017-03-10 16.03.36 2017-03-10 16.04.11 2017-03-10 16.03.44 2017-03-10 16.05.55

The Booze 

Lounges are made for drinking especially when you are delayed. I had a few Pacificos and the Cuervo 1800 which they hide in plain sight.

2017-03-10 16.02.20

2017-03-10 16.25.25 2017-03-10 16.26.57 2017-03-10 18.00.08

The Seats

There’s the typical seating area, and then there are four leather recliner chairs. That’s where I spent my time.

2017-03-10 16.03.17 2017-03-10 16.03.10 2017-03-10 16.02.59

The Wi-Fi

How can this be the lounge of the year when the Wi-Fi doesn’t work! I do not understand why they hand out the Wi-Fi code if it doesn’t connect. I tried it on my phone and laptop. Nothing. I wondered what the rest of the people were doing.


I don’t know the criteria is that makes a lounge receive the accolade of Lounge of the Year. This one was decent, nothing great.



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