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Monday, July 15, 2024
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Hyatt Regency Guadalajara: Pretty Good

The Hyatt Regency Guadalajara Hotel Review is part of the Detour in Mexico Trip Report which covers:

Getting There: Uber is your best option from the airport. I took over an hour during rush hour which seems to be all hours of the day in Guadalajara. Indeed, each time I went anywhere in the city, I was told it would be fifteen minutes. Multiply that amount by four.

The Hyatt Regency Guadalajara has only been open for a year. It’s located in the financial district of Guadalajara. It is also surrounded by my nightmare– a strip mall of the worst restaurants and shops known to mankind. Somehow the way to validate that a city has come up is by opening an Outback Steakhouse and Louis Vuitton (there’s a Louis Vuitton in Ulaanbaatar, direct evidence that debunks this hypothesis.) Ignoring the symbols of capitalism at its worst, I will write about the hotel itself.

2017-03-08 13.35.17 2017-03-08 13.35.38

The Hotel Itself 

The hotel seems to be a do-over of the stale Park Hyatt New York. There’s a magical door that slides open which leads to the escalator for the impressive lobby.

2017-03-08 00.34.122017-03-07 18.33.142017-03-07 18.38.532017-03-07 18.34.18

2017-03-07 18.34.58

2017-03-07 18.35.11

The Gym 

I managed to go to the gym one time in an effort to offset the effects of tacos and tequila. It is well equipped if working out is something you can force yourself to do while away.

2017-03-07 19.02.46 2017-03-07 19.02.51 2017-03-07 19.02.58 2017-03-07 19.03.05 2017-03-07 19.07.03

The Pool 

Like the Park Hyatt New York, the Hyatt Regency Guadalajara has a beautiful pool. It’s partly indoors but heated.

2017-03-07 18.59.59 2017-03-07 19.00.07 2017-03-07 19.00.36 2017-03-07 19.00.48 2017-03-07 19.01.22 2017-03-08 20.47.37

The Club Lounge 

This is the reason I fought so hard for Hyatt Diamond Globalist. The lounge has a nice patio, a great selection of tequila, and very good appetizers. Again, the lights reminded me of the Park Hyatt NYC.

2017-03-08 19.05.11

2017-03-07 20.11.00 2017-03-07 20.09.52

2017-03-07 20.11.092017-03-07 20.11.432017-03-07 20.10.15 2017-03-07 20.10.412017-03-07 20.10.33 2017-03-07 20.13.30 2017-03-07 20.35.43 2017-03-07 20.36.35 2017-03-07 20.38.31 2017-03-08 19.02.51

The Room 

Since it was The World Baseball Classic, there were not any suite upgrades available. The standard room on the club level was a prototypical Hyatt room– comfortable and refined.

2017-03-07 18.41.31 2017-03-07 18.41.41 2017-03-07 18.41.48 2017-03-07 18.41.56 2017-03-07 18.42.02 2017-03-07 18.42.11 2017-03-07 18.42.28 2017-03-07 18.42.38

2017-03-07 18.43.47 2017-03-07 18.43.592017-03-08 12.44.20 2017-03-07 18.44.15

The Bathroom 

Some people like to take 100 photos of the toilet. I only do that when it is a Park Hyatt Guangzhou toilet that doubles as a spaceship. The reason I am mentioning the toilet here is because of the poor design of its enclosure. It does not provide the ventilation or buffer zone that Costanza would require. My other complaint is the lack of water pressure in the shower.

2017-03-07 18.44.36


2017-03-07 18.42.51 2017-03-07 18.43.02 2017-03-07 18.43.11 2017-03-07 18.43.19 2017-03-07 18.43.33


The Breakfast 

TPOL is not a big fan of breakfast, and this one was nothing special. (contrast the best hotel breakfast in Shanghai and the paid nonsense at IHG Bora Bora). Sometimes GlobalDiamonds are permitted to have breakfast at the Club Lounge or in the main restaurant. There was a miscommunication which led to an awkward moment when the bill arrived, and the waitress said it was not included. I demurred and they agreed to include it.

2017-03-09 08.46.25 2017-03-09 08.46.58 2017-03-09 08.52.21 2017-03-09 08.52.40 2017-03-09 08.53.09 2017-03-09 08.54.15 2017-03-09 08.54.20 2017-03-09 08.55.50 2017-03-09 08.57.30


This was a solid hotel but a bit far from the fun spots of Guadalajara, unless you enjoy eating and shopping at the same restaurants from home.



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