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Monday, July 15, 2024
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The Westin Guadalajara: The Other Option

The Westin Guadalajara Hotel Review is part of the Detour in Mexico Trip Report which covers:

Getting There: Uber is your best option from the airport. It took over an hour during rush hour which seems to be all hours of the day in Guadalajara. Indeed, each time I went anywhere in the city, I was told it would be fifteen minutes. Multiply that amount by four.

Westins feel like home. They’re comfortable and familiar. The Westin Guadalajara had the chic appeal of a W, without the IKEA furniture and unremarkable service. Since I was going to the World Baseball Classic the day I checked in and the airport the next day, I did not get to make use of the hotels facilities. After three nights in Guadalajara, where I ate and drank everything, I was more than happy to spend my time in the upgraded suite.

2017-03-09 15.05.13 2017-03-09 15.05.33 2017-03-09 15.09.01

The Location 

The Westin is located across the street from the Expo-Guadalajara convention center. Other than that, there was not much happening around the hotel. The aforementioned sites of drinking and eating were ‘fifteen minutes’ away by taxi. As stated above, fifteen minutes equals one hour.

2017-03-09 15.22.41

2017-03-09 15.23.18

The Lobby

The lobby is impressive as is the hotel bar.

2017-03-09 15.10.17 2017-03-09 15.10.26 2017-03-09 15.10.45 2017-03-09 15.10.52 2017-03-09 15.11.17

The Room 

The suite was uniquely designed. I’m not sure who would need that much closet space, but it’s available if you do.

2017-03-09 15.28.52

2017-03-09 15.22.16 2017-03-09 15.22.28 2017-03-09 15.22.34 2017-03-09 15.22.53 2017-03-09 15.23.07 2017-03-09 15.23.31 2017-03-09 15.23.40

The 1/2 Bath 

I loved the faucet in the other bathroom.

2017-03-09 15.59.07

The Amenities 

A Nespresso machine with chocolate covered strawberries and other sweets were a nice touch.

2017-03-09 15.25.392017-03-09 23.32.33

The Bathroom

I’ll say it once and I’ll say it again, “Why are my hotel bathrooms way better than home?” I’m hotel rich and house poor.

2017-03-09 15.23.49 2017-03-09 15.23.58 2017-03-09 15.24.05 2017-03-09 15.24.16 2017-03-09 15.24.56 2017-03-09 15.25.042017-03-10 00.05.31

The Soaps And the Little Stuff

I love Westin’s white tea aloe soaps. I took the extras home with me. I also appreciate when they offer mouthwash and toothpaste.

2017-03-10 00.05.49

2017-03-09 15.24.48 2017-03-09 15.24.32


I liked the Westin more than the Hyatt and would stay there again, though I have no plans on returning to Guadalajara in the near future.


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