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Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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World Baseball Classic Guadalajara: The Adventure Getting Tickets

On the advice of my hotel, I took an Uber to Plaza del Sol to go to Mr CD, Mexico’s version of Record Town (shout out to my Genesee Valley Mall workers in Flint) to buy tickets to the World Baseball Classic. It took a few minutes and a requisite detour at 7-Eleven to find the store. When I did, they told me that ‎they didn’t sell tickets. They told me to go to Office Depot which was just a couple blocks up the road. Thirty minutes and much more than two blocks later, I found the Depot.

I thought I would be clever and purchase tickets using my Ink card and get 5X but it was declined. I went to the ATM where Mr. Schwab, as he has a habit of doing, denied my request for dinero en efectivo. After a call, I was able to get cash, buy the tickets, and hop back into an Uber for my next adventure. As I was returning to the Hyatt, I saw that there was an Office Depot within steps of the hotel. News I could have used ahead of time!

Here is the journey in pictures:

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  1. @ TPOL — Have you gone to a Japanese baseball game? The FCQ and I have been twice. It is the most exciting baseball experience ever, and we’ve been to several hundred MLB games, so we should know. See you in Jersey soon!

    Go Braves?!

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