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Monday, May 20, 2024
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Since I cannot personally go to SE Asia with Mikey and show him the ladyboy bars in Bangkok…

Remember when you saw Coming to America the first time or tried princess chicken for the first time at Empress of China when you visited Flint, Michigan?  That and experiencing other firsts is why I continue to travel and seek new adventures in new places. While I love going back to a country that I have visited before, nothing compares to the first time in a new city.

The next best thing to going to a place that lives up to the hype is to travel with a friend who has never been there before. My best friend, Michael Jeries is the lucky bastard that gets to travel for the first time to Southeast Asia any day now. He has no set itinerary, just a list of countries. In fact, he even forgot to pick up a visa to enter Vietnam- a rookie mistake you would think he would’ve learned from after our Brazil New Year’s disaster.

Since I cannot personally go to SE Asia with him and show him the ladyboy bars in Bangkok, Thailand, I am going to do the next best thing and publish a guide of the top things he must see in the cities he is visiting.

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Cambodia: My least favorite country in SE Asia. Calm down all you backpackers who found your soul or discovered yourselves while touring Angkor Wat. Cambodia was the last country I visited in SE Asia and I ended up with food poisoning after drinking bad ice. Ironically, I took a picture of the menu that said “we use clean ice” as a joke before I had my bucket of rum and coke and then the chills and death set in.

  • See Angkor Wat: All soul-searching weirdness aside, Angkor Wat is a must see, an astounding example of what man is capable of.

a man standing in front of a body of water with Angkor Wat in the background

  • Skip Sihanoukville: Although Majid and I had a great time drinking 25 cent beers and lounging on the beach, this hippie beach town is probably worth skipping in lieu of other beaches on this list.

two men on a beach

Bali, Indonesia

  • See Bali Kuta: Please go to the Bounty Hotel and drink FGD all day at the pool while listening to the customary backpacker tracks played by the resident DJ.

a group of people in a pool

  • Skip Nightlife in Seminyak: Why take the dangerous motorbike all the way to this ritzy part of Bali when Sky Garden Bali plays your favorite hiphop every night. Club KU DE TAH was a nice establishment right on the water but lacked the fun.

a building with a balcony and people walking around

  • Maybe: Maybe you should do something besides drink and party in Kuta and see the rest of this beautiful island, Mikey. I know Brent and I planned on climbing a volcano to see the sunrise but ended up detoured by those FGD.


  • Hanoi: There’s a street of pho and more pho. Ask the locals as I was too stupid to write down the name but pho sure worth the visit. See what I did there?
  • Ha Long Bay: If you see anything in Vietnam, see Ha Long Bay. It looks like a scene from Pirates of the Caribbean from the outside and a scene from Batman on the inside.

a boat on the water with Ha Long Bay in the background

  • Ho Chi Minh:

See Cu Chi Tunnels: This is a remarkable war memorial park where I took some of the greatest photos ever. It is incredible to see how the Viet Cong fought the Americans by establishing a network of underground tunnels and using by using innovative booby traps despite limited technology.

a group of people posing for a photo in front of a jet

a man looking out of a hole in the ground

 Skip Shooting Guns: You do that enough at home.

a man with a gun on a rail

 Secret: Pho locations. Will have to wait for the top ten list to be done or private message me lol.

Thailand: I’ve been here many times before  but you tell me where else to go besides Koh Phangan, Koh Samui, Phi Phi Islands, Bankgkok, and Phuket since you’re going to be living there.

Last tip! No matter where you go, just say no! 

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