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Sunday, April 21, 2024
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Fiji Airways: Nadi to Samoa in Coach

Nadi to Samoa is part of the Bula! Fiji Hub Trip Report.

The business class party on Fiji Airways is over. It started in Vancouver (see Bula! Fiji Airways Vancouver to Nadi Flight Review) and went to and from Tonga (see Fiji Airways Nadi to Tonga: The Best Business 737 ExperienceTonga to Fiji: Not The Same Business). Flying to Samoa in economy was tolerable for two reasons: 1. It was only 21,500 Avios points instead of $739 one way (see Bus-Ted: Bula! Fiji Hub Points & Cash Summary). 2. The flight is only 1 hr and 55 minutes.

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    • I agree, thought this was going to be a review based on the headline. Not sure why the snarky “you came to the wrong place” from TPOL when in fact, TPOL has posted other reviews?

      • Stop being sensitive. I don’t post traditionally. I post each segment of the trip for documenting the trip. I’m disclaiming this to avoid future disappointment. Go read day 1 iraq if you want interesting writing.

  1. I tend to agree with Ned that the title of the article, coupled with being an article part of a travel series, would logically lead one to believe that some level of comment, however minimal, would be provided relating to the experience itself. The lead-in of how this was your first departure from business class on the trip reinforces this as one begins the article. If the experience was decent but unremarkable in all respects, it doesn’t take much to convey that.

    But, hey, I get it. You’re a wildcard. The anti-blogger! You do you. I ain’t mad at it. Never knowing what you’ll get is part of the fun here at TPOL.

  2. Lars,

    As a lawyer, I ask my clients, I get you’re upset, but what are your damages?

    Same thing here: what fraud was perpetrated? There weren’t pictures of the economy toilet? What really could go down on a two hour flight of any interest? If there was something then I’d write about it. The reason I write anything is because I document each part of the trip.

    Thanks for reading and understanding how I do it!

  3. I guess I’m in the wrong field… I should start a blog. “I took a flight and paid money for it. The end.” This probably doesn’t fit in the theme of Boarding Area.

  4. So many people seem to be completely uninformed about the nature of TPOL posts.

    TPOL is the anti-blog. The “stream of consciousness” trumps production value blog.

    If TPOL was in the MCU it would be Deadpool.

    Many of the trips involve the same recurring flaws … notably a pathological resistance to researching much less following advice on visa requirements.

    Many (most?) of TPOL posts are lessons in what not to do.

    Yet thru it all TPOl is true to himself. He doesn’t pretend to be anyone other than who he is and does. He doesn’t push inappropriate credit cards on his readers.

    I wouldn’t live my life the way he does. But I respect the way he blogs that life.

    • This is not accurate: “The “stream of consciousness” trumps production value blog.”

      No one comments on the travel guides that take hours to do. But it’s been 10 years of writing and I’m not changing, nor can I expect humanity to either.

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