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Monday, July 22, 2024
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Fiji Airways Nadi to Tonga: The Best Business 737 Experience

Fiji Airways Nadi Tonga Business Class is part of the Bula! Fiji Hub Trip Report.

I have flown many 737s in my day. Some were better than others (see Ethiopian Business JNB-ADD: The Worst Flight Experience). Undoubtedly, the Fiji Airways flight from Nadi, Fiji to Tonga was the best.  a group of airplanes parked on a tarmac a plane on the ground

Here’s why:

Bula! Service 

I wrote about the great service aboard Fiji Airways on my first flight from Vancouver to Nadi (see Bula! Fiji Airways Vancouver to Nadi Flight Review). That service isn’t only found on long-haul. It was also provided on this short 1.5 hour flight to Tonga. a close up of a sign

a glass of liquid and a glass of orange juice on a tray
Welcomed with a welcome drink.

So Much Space 

Some airlines cram in as many business class seats as possible. Fiji Airways had a total of 4. two chairs in an airplane a seat in a plane


Despite the short duration of the flight, there was great meal service. a plate of food on a tray

Fiji Water a two bottles in a small cabinet


It only costs 12,500 Avios and $52 versus $466 to fly business (see Bus-Ted: Bula! Fiji Hub Points & Cash Summary).

Another Go Around

The Fiji Airways experience lasted a little longer than expected. Right before landing, the wind picked up and the pilot had to abort and go around one more time.

a building with a sign on it
Welcome to Tonga!


I didn’t have any luck finding business class flights on Fiji Airways for islands in the Pacific. I am glad I was able to experience it when I could.



  1. Fiji has 737’s crammed with 12 seats in a limited space, but when they heard an alumnus from the recently crowned national champion was going to be traveling with them, they pulled seats for your segment.

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