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Friday, June 21, 2024
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The Best Bubbly Comes From Franschhoek, Not France

The Bubbles Franschhoek post is part of the South America & Africa Points Heist Trip Report.

I boldly stated that the best sushi comes from Cape Town not Tokyo. And now I will emphatically state that the best bubbles come from Franschhoek, not France. True champagne is French, I am not disputing that. Nor am I disputing the quality of French bubbles (see Get Ready to Takeoff: The World’s Best Champagne). But that does not mean that the rest of the world has not caught on to the art. Cabernet and Carmenere brought me to Colchagua in Chile, but Chardonnay grapes brought me to Franschhoek, a small town only a short Uber ride from Cape Town.
Le Lude
I visited two vineyards of note. The first was Le Lude which serves bubbles for breakfast. The place was immaculate from inside and out. And the bubbles were bubbling. a dirt road with rows of plants in front of mountains a field of green plants with a white building in the background a vineyard with a mountain in the background a field of green plants with trees and mountains in the background a man standing in a field of plants a group of wine glasses on a table a group of wine glasses on a table a group of wine glasses on a table a man smiling at the camera a plate of food on a table a room with a table and chairs and chandeliers a vineyard with mountains in the background
Anhtonij Rupert 
The other vineyard was Anothonij Rupert’s, the same gentlemen who owns the Franschhoek Motor Museum (see Holy Beep!). There, I sampled the variety of whites before making the rash decision to buy a bottle of the best bubbles in the world, Blanc de Blancs. Not the poet when it comes to describing wine (see I am not drinking fucking Merlot!), all I can say is that Blanc de Blancs tastes like bubbles with butter. What started off as a wine tasting turned into a classy, bubbly afternoon. The ridiculous part is that the bottle retails for $18. How can anyone compete with that?

a stone building with a triangular roof and grass a group of wine glasses on a tablea group of wine glasses and bottles a group of wine glasses on a table a group of glasses of champagne

a paper with text and numbers on it
$18 for the best bubbles

a bottle of wine next to a glass of champagne


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