Primo Pimsleur: Io Parlo Un Po l’italiano


I once wrote Pablo Pimsleur: Your Guide to Foreign Languages. This was followed up by TPOL The Polyglot: How To Learn Multiple Languages and updated with TPOL The Polyglot: A Better Way to Learn Multiple Languages. I have come full circle and returned to Primo Pimsleur for learning Italian. Why am I adding another language to the repertoire? Isn’t trying to learn Mandarin, Arabic, Russian, and Spanish enough? конечно нет. COVID boredom has led me to pursue purchasing a 1 euro home in Italy (see Nothing to Rent in Tuscany, But Maybe I’ll Buy a House in Italy). When it happens, I want to be prepared to bargain down that 1 euro to 50 cents. I also want to endear myself to the locals as I plan on living in Europe all of next summer, Zeta variant be damned. It’s not Albania (see Canceled! TPOL’s Move to Albania), but I’ll make do.

Io vorrei bere del vino.


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