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Saturday, June 22, 2024
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Nothing to Rent in Tuscany, But Maybe I’ll Buy a House in Italy

I have been in Puerto Rico for basically 18 months straight. I only left to go to terrible Miami, Mario’s favorite city, for two days. In need of a change of scenery, I finally sent in my application for those 1 euro restoration houses posted all over CNN. I’m not going to tell you what locale of Italy interests me because I don’t want the Festivus crew showing up. In the words of the maestro, “If you’re thinking of getting a place there, don’t bother. There’s really nothing available.” If I actually receive a response from the city, I will blog about the process and create yet another Trip Report. Most can only dream of an ocean view home in the Caribbean and a villa in Italy. For TPOL, it might become a reality.

a room with a bed and windows
Park Hyatt Milan can be my blueprint.


  1. Such a shame. You’ve missed the best 18 months of travel we will see in our lifetimes. It was glorious and I can’t wait until the next lockdown so more people self enslave themselves at home. Good luck with your future travels.

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