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Thursday, May 23, 2024
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AA Refund!…7-20 Business Days

Don’t book tickets using vouchers if there is even a 0.00001% chance that you may cancel. After fighting with American Airlines, they finally agreed to refund the value of my voucher (see Another Day, Another Fight With American Airlines). In AA fashion, they said that the refund would be processed in 7-20 business days, just in time to go nowhere.

a screenshot of a chat



  1. Gene is right – you’re being snarky to the AA employee who has no power to change the policy. Don’t be an asshat, it’s not going to help your cause and could hurt it .

    • I don’t think you understand two points: 1. I put the whole conversation in there on purpose, so clearly I know I was not being nice. 2. I’m not looking for life advice.

  2. I’m not sure what you’re upset about. 7 to 20 days is the quoted typical timeframe for a refund for just about every company, though in practice it’s usually processed much quicker. It’s also rather generous of American to refund the value of the voucher. So yeah, I’m scratching my head here.

    • It was their mistake to begin with. Read the link in the post. I’m glad you think that 7-20 days is reasonable. I don’t. Scratch away.

  3. In COVID times, 7-20 business days is reasonable indeed! Many, many of us have waited much, much longer for refunds, and yes, with companies who made mistakes. So yes, being snarky with the company rep is uncalled for, and maybe you should remember something-you get more bees with honey than with vinegar. I had to wait 9 months for a refund for a hotel refund of $800, so I don’t know why you are getting so pissed about a possible wait of 3 and a half weeks. And you were being very rude to the AA employee-which will get you nowhere. A polite letter to a supervisor would have been more constructive. But you just want to rant just like a spoiled American. That’s not very professional, especially for a travel blogger! There were ways of getting your point across in a constructive way, but you chose juvenile jabs!

    • More name calling. Congrats on being another internet shit talker. And clearly you didn’t read the link in the post where they said I was entitled to nothing, nor did you read my bio where you’d learn I’m a consumer protection attorney. My clients are glad I don’t use honey. I use litigation.

  4. Attorney? Then act like one. YOU ACT LIKE A 5 YO KID. Go buy something at BestBuy, then return for refund and see how long you gotta wait before your credit would post.

    Here is my question for you (and “I’m an Attorney”) – 5 YEAR OLD LITTLE CHILD::::

  5. FYI, I am an attorney as well, and I’ve done consumer protection work. And I’m sure I’ve done far more litigation than you since I passed the bar in 2004. You are making assumptions as I did read the link where AA said you were entitled to nothing despite you canceling your ticket within 24 hours. And why would I read your bio? And being an attorney gives you no justification to act rude anyway. I’ve read a number of posts on your blog, but I won’t any more. You come off as a whiny, entitled, know it all bragging about his trips and how much partying he can do instead of an informed travel blogger since you decided to start calling names. If this is how you act, I wouldn’t want to be one of your clients as I can’t imagine you act very professionally in your job if you are insulting an AA employee about a company policy rather than trying to do something constructive to speed up your refund.

    • Thanks for reading. I will add you to the Festivus 2021 list. Note again that you called me a spoiled American first counselor. And you’re still dropping insults.

      You’re more than welcome to keep commenting and keep reading. I don’t take this stuff personally. I don’t even know what it means to be an ‘informed travel blogger’. I write what I like. Some enjoy it. Some don’t. All fine by me.

      And yes I do like to party. #vengaboys #cancun2000.

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