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Thursday, May 23, 2024
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Another Day, Another Fight With American Airlines

Remember when TPOL cancelled the trip to Vegas (see No Vegas for TPOL). Part of that trip was a flight on AA. Despite cancelling within 24 hours of booking my basic economy ticket, AA refused to issue a refund. I called customer service and after an hour and fifteen minutes, I was told that nothing could be done. I took to Twitter and they wrote, “We see a fare difference of $25.60 was paid, after applying the voucher to issue this ticket. You’re given the prompt of no credit, as you’ve purchased a Basic Economy ticket. This is non-refundable, and non-changeable, so currently there’s no value on it to rebook. To hop on board again, you’ll need to purchase a new ticket.”

I persisted and wrote that it was cancelled within 24 hours and that I was entitled to my money back. Finally, someone looked into it and responded.

a close-up of a message

Of course, now the fare has gone up for the flight that Ms. TPOL was going to take. Thank you AA for your prompt attention in this matter. Please continue to enjoy your government bailout.

“To hop on board again”? What a bunch of jerks.


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