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Monday, April 22, 2024

No More Masks in Puerto Rico

The stupidity is over as Puerto Rico is getting rid of the mask mandate*. Technically, it’s only for those who are fully vaccinated. Those who aren’t can also run around naked and take their chances with the Delta variant (see Doom & Gloom: COVID Is Still Here). It’s a move that’s long overdue as the CDC has already said that those fully vaccinated don’t need to wear masks. While I may get infected as no vaccine is 100% effective, it’s a risk I’ll gladly take here and around the world. It’s time to test the efficacy of this vaccine firsthand. 

Of course, the measure isn’t effective immediately. There’s a chance for a super spreader event this 4th of July. COVID knows this which is why pragmatic progress can’t begin until July 5th.

a man wearing a mask and goggles on a boat
Where was my freedom last 4th of July when I was on a deserted island with a mask mandate?

*Subject to change on the whim of government impulse.



  1. Oh come on, no click bait WOW! My Goodness! Finally! I Can’t Believe It! To start the title of this post? What is the blogging world coming to? Congrats on finally being free!

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