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Thursday, May 23, 2024
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House Hunters Puerto Rico: Hipster? Santurce Is Your Place

Santurce is part of the Despacito! TPOL Moves to Puerto Rico Trip Report. Catch up on the past episodes.

All I knew before moving to Puerto Rico was San Juan. I’ve looked everywhere for a place to live and nothing stood out. One place that caught my attention was Santurce. It’s close to Condado and Ocean Park meaning it’s close to nightlife, the beach, and my favorite place, Kasalta. And golf? Maybe golf is a rich man’s game. Maybe I should wait until I’m Bahia or Dorado rich to think about joining a club. Maybe I should move to Santurce, a place that is up and coming. Think of it as Puerto Rico’s Brooklyn.


Santurce has food. From the food trucks to the restaurants on Calle Loiza, there are plenty of places to eat.

La Placita for Nightlife

If you’re looking for a block party, albeit usually one with 18-year-olds sipping Medalla, head to La Placita. There’s always something going on.

a building with a sign on it a crowd of people outside a building a crowd of people outside at night a crowd of people in a street a group of people standing outside a building


I contemplated buying a place at Ciudadela. It’s a condo development with restaurants and a grocery store all in one place. There’s also a Planet Fitness which I don’t consider to be a real gym because of the lack of free weights. Then I asked for prices. The two bedrooms started at 300k and the 3 bedrooms went for 500k. Compared to Condado, it was cheaper but the smaller units didn’t have balconies, there was no ocean view, and the area around the complex was far from the island enchantment I was searching for.

a model of a city
The Ciudadela model


Think of Santurce as Puerto Rico’s Brooklyn. I used to live in Brooklyn. I don’t like Brooklyn. I like golf. I must find golf.


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